Where do we camp at night?

Caravan Parks

We recommend you stay in a caravan (RV) park. Australia has an extensive network of caravan parks in all major tourist centres and most towns. Caravan parks offer excellent recreational opportunities, plus essential shower and toilet facilities. Powered sites enable you to connect your vehicle to electricity. You usually need to book ahead, especially in peak periods. The approximate cost is AU $40 per night.

If however, you are away from the tourist spots where caravan parks are plentiful, or if sites aren’t available, AusVenture units are equipped to free camp. The double house batteries will supply lighting and other needs for a few days without traveling. The unit carries 100 L of fresh water and everything but the house Air Conditioner, Microwave and power points still work well when you aren’t plugged in to mains power. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of local council regulations regarding free camping overnight.

National Parks

Most national parks have areas set aside for camping. There are often showers, toilets, barbecues and picnic areas. National parks are also beautiful and peaceful locations to stay overnight. However, national parks do not usually offer powered sites.

Roadside Camping

Some council’s have laws prohibiting overnight camping on the side of the road, rest areas, or car parks near towns and cities. However, many country towns permit camping in their show grounds, and outside towns and in country areas you will often find lovely spots where others have pulled up to camp overnight. NRMA are publishing a book on free camping called “Camps 6”.

How long does the battery system last?

The battery system will provide power for 72 or more hours when fully charged depending on use. AusVenture vehicles operate on ancillary battery systems which power internal appliances such as the fridge, lights and water pump.

The batteries recharge when you drive the vehicle or when connected to mains power. However, if the house batteries go flat, starting the engine and idling it will partially recharge the house battery.

Units can be connected to 240 Volt mains power via the supplied 15 Amp extension lead with large earth pin. All approved caravan park circuits are rated at 15 amps. House batteries also charge while connected to mains power.

What is supplied with the vehicle?

Check the page Inclusions and Rental Checklist. You can download the PDF and it may be useful to print it out and use it as a guide when you are packing and preparing to travel.

Do I need a special driver’s licence?

A valid, current car driver’s licence must be produced for everyone intending to drive an AusVenture rental vehicle. State, overseas or international licences are acceptable. However, the licence must be written in English characters so we are able to read it.

Why should I select reduced liability and excess options?

Our Protection Package’s minimises your liability when traveling in a hired vehicle. Without the Protection Package you run the risk of being responsible for considerable costs associated with damage to, or theft of, the vehicle. This applies even if the damage was not your fault!