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Ever dreamt of exploring Australia on the open road? Take a self drive holiday with a motorhome rental from Ausventure Motorhomes Australia. Our modern motorhomes and campervans are custom designed, engineered and built to the highest quality. Hire one of our motorhomes and try this lifestyle holiday.

Built on the award winning Mercedes Sprinter our 2 and 4 berth motorhomes and campervans are unbelievably fuel economical, spacious and a pleasure to drive.

AusVenture is a family owned and operated business and we’d love to hear to from you!

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What a great way to get around and save on accommodation costs

We had two great weeks in your motorhome. It was a piece of cake to drive. We would watch in wonder how some people were cramped into smaller campervans when we had all the room we could need. There was more storage than you could ever want.

Alvin from Ausventure was so helpful in getting us set up and on our way and when there was a problem with the water pump which was just normal wear and tear Alvin was quick to get a local motorhome service centre at Ballina to fix the problem and get us back on our way. Would we have received such service and efficiency from the larger motorhome rental groups? I doubt it.

Phil Campbell, North Avoca